Traditional music and folk songs of the islands and regions of Greece are based on such themes as births, deaths and marriages.

They also tell the tale of heroic deeds and tragedies.

At the turn of the century a new style of music appeared called.

It originated among the poor people the lyrics depicted scenes of loneliness, drugs, love and death.

The main instruments used for rebetika are the bouzouki, guitar and accordion. Closely associated with the folk music are the dances zembetiko and khasapiko.

The zembetiko is for men only and expresses the mood of melancholy, suffering and the release of tension.

In comparison the khasapiko or the ‘butchers dance’ is performed by tow or more dancers side by side with hands on shoulders in combination of patterns and improvisations.

The syrtaki is perhaps the most popular and simplest dance often performed in bars and taverns.