History of Crete

The people of Crete unfortunately make more history than they can consume locally

The discovery of the Minoan civilization has landed to overshadow every other aspect of Cretan history.

And indeed it would be hard for any other period to rival what was, in effect, the first truly European civilization.

It was in Crete that the developed societies of the east met influences from the west and north, and here that Western culture as synthesized in Classical Greece and Rome, first developed.

Yet this was no accident or freak one-off: Crete\'s position as a meeting place of east and west, and its strategic setting in the middle of the Mediterranean, has thrust the island to the centre-stage of world history more often than seems comfortable.before Arthur Evans arrived to unearth Knossos, and for some time after, the island\'s struggle for freedom, and the great powers\' inactivity, was the subject of Europe-wide scandal.

The battle for the island when the Turks arrived had similarly aroused worldwide interest, and represented al the time a significant change in the balance of power between Islam and Christianity.

In fact from Minoan times to World War II, there has rarely been sustained period when Crete didn’t have some role to play in world affairs.