COFFEE (KAFE) - Unless you specify ‘nescafe’ or ‘nes’ you will be brought greek coffee which is served in small cups and is very thick. Plan to stop drinking two-thirds the way down the cup.

Either order it without sugar‘sketos’, medium sweet ‘metrios’ or sweet ‘glykos’ FRAPPE - Iced coffee usually served without milk.

OUZO - A favourite apperitif with a strong aniseed flavour. Usually served with water or try it with Sprite.

RAKI - The local firewater, said to separate the men from the boys

METAXA - The greek brandy. Comes in 3, 5 or 7 star, 7 being the best quality. Slightly sweeter than other brandy.

WINE (KRASSI) - Though there are some pleasant wines, Crete is not for the wine connoisseur.

RETSINA - A resinated wine which is very dry. Try mixing it with lemonade.

VILLAGE WINE - From the barrel. It is very strong and tastes like sherry. It is sold by the kilo, a half kilo carafe is a half litre.

WHITE WINE - To suit the English palate try Cavaliere, Tsantali or Logari.

RED WINE - Again, for European palates try Achaia Claus, Cavaliere or Tsantali.

SWEET WINE - All the above are dry wines or demi-sec. For the sweet tooth try any Amigdalos.

BEER (BYRA) - Like the British lager, but beware, they are stronger, generally 5%.